Alan Schantz

Proven Experience

Alan Schantz

Alan Schantz

iconAlan Schantz has over 37 years of experience and specialized training in naval nuclear power plant operations, maintenance and testing of S3W/S4W, S5W, and S6G reactor plants as a NAVSEA qualified Nuclear Shift Test Engineer, Assistant Chief Test Engineer, and Chief Test Engineer at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility. He specialized in reactor plant and facility operation, maintenance, preplanning, and testing of the above-listed primary, auxiliary, and secondary naval nuclear plant systems and equipment.

Mr. Schantz also served in the US Navy as a nuclear qualified Machinist Mate for 4 years at sea onboard the USS Sam Houston and USS Robert E. Lee and was qualified to operate S3W/S4W, S5W, and S6G Reactor Plants by NAVSEA 08.
Mr. Schantz has an inactive secret clearance.


Sustainable Results

iconMr. Schantz provided oversight for reactor plant testing to ensure it was conducted in a safe, controlled, and efficient manner. He reviewed, analyzed, and decided how to solve intricate problems of a nuclear reactor plant, and operated as the shipyard representative for the Joint Test Group responsible for maintaining the reactor plant in a safe status at all times.

He also reviewed, coordinated, collaborated, and provided technical direction to Ship’s Force, production, quality assurance, radiological, and technical code personnel in order to safely coordinate the work during reactor plant test operations. He reviewed, analyzed, and issued advance planning for availabilities based on the authorized work package, ship’s preventive maintenance schedule, and ship’s work package to provide the optimum schedule and sequence for a successful availability.

During his 17 years of project management experience at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, he served as Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Assistant Project Superintendent, Zone Manager for submarine de-activations, submarine and surface ship restricted availabilities, and nuclear facilities. As a project manager for controlled industrial facility modernization, he implemented key liquid and solid waste process improvements and streamlined radiological shipment preparations.