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Darren Steinhoff

Darren Steinhoff

iconMr. Darren Steinhoff has over 30 years of experience and specialized training in naval nuclear propulsion plant electrical and electronics equipment. He specialized in maintenance, planning, installation, and testing of a wide spectrum of naval nuclear electrical and electronics equipment. He was successful in the overall coordination of ship alterations and modifications on nuclear electrical and electronics equipment, from cradle to grave, installed in nuclear submarines and surface ships.

His experience includes 4 years as an assistant test engineer, testing nuclear propulsion plants; 2 years as a radiological controls auditor, reviewing and providing recommendations on radiological controls practices; and over 25 years as a lead nuclear electrical and electronics engineer. This included providing: oversight; coordination of engineering codes, trade shops and vendors; and solutions in the planning and execution of overhauls and modernization of nuclear propulsion electrical and electronics equipment and systems. He designed nuclear support equipment that monitored naval nuclear plant parameters during ship availabilities and resolved performance issues associated with these equipment and systems. Many of these continue to be used to aid in the monitoring of nuclear systems during delicate and critical operations on ship availabilities.
He holds a B.S degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from DeVry Institute of Technology.

Sustainable Results

iconMr. Steinhoff served as a lead electrical engineer on all 688 class ships stationed at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard (PHNSY) and Intermediate Maintenance Facility (IMF) where he managed and provided on deck engineering direction on the installation of several new nuclear electrical and electronic equipment and systems that were completed ahead of schedule and within budget.

In the nuclear testing branch, he served as a 688 class pre-planner in a pilot group working on the maintenance and test package for an overhaul. The processes developed by this pilot group were incorporated as the functions of the Pre-planning Chief Test Engineer position for all Navy availabilities at PHNSY and the process outputs are used in the Advance Industrial Management (AIM) for Test Readiness.

As a member of the first engineering group of the Basic Advance Industrial Management (BAIM) used on a non-nuclear surface craft, Mr. Steinhoff provided the lessons learned to aid in the development of nuclear products currently used in the BAIM successor, Advance Industrial Management (AIM).
With new government policies on hazardous waste and hazardous waste with radioactivity (mixed waste), Mr. Steinhoff with an associate engineer complied and authored a procedure that provided a central instruction that explained the government policies, described what is considered hazardous waste and mixed waste, and provided processes to determine how to identify, tag, and handle from point of origination to shipyard facilities that process these wastes. This central instruction was used for several years until the nuclear program incorporated it into their corporate manuals.