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Jeffery Jens

Jeffery Jens

iconJeffrey Jens has over 25 years’ experience in managing highly visible, troubled or schedule and cost challenged projects/programs with safety and health hazards, usually radiological and chemical in nature. He has served as project manager and senior technical advisor for a multitude of Department of Energy and Navy nuclear operations throughout his career.

Mr. Jens is also a 20 year veteran of the United States Nuclear Navy Program, achieving the rank of Lt. Commander, and was selected by Admiral H. G. Rickover, Naval Reactors, to serve as a special in-field expert to provide oversight of the full breadth of US Navy Nuclear activities, including facility design and construction and project management.

Mr. Jens holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.

Sustainable Results

iconMr. Jens served as a senior technical advisor for U.S. DOE and contractor organizations at the Hanford site, co-authoring the initial Site Radiation Protection Program Plan and the Site Conduct of Operations Manual. He also served as senior technical advisor for U.S. DOE Headquarters, collaborating on the development of codes and standards for radiological controls and conduct of operations and providing input for the development of nuclear safety and quality assurance codes.

As Senior Mentor / Technical Advisor to the U.S. DOE / Carlsbad Field Office, he mentored DOE facility representatives and assisted with the qualification process as WIPP recovery from the events of 2014. Additionally, he was responsible for monitoring work of all phases of the recovery including full time coverage of the Interim Ventilation System Construction, essential to mine operations and recovery – facilitated major improvements to the Contractor and Subcontractor Hoisting and Rigging Programs.

As ESH&Q manager of the Waste Processing Facility in Oak Ridge, he implemented the safety basis and Emergency Preparedness program, improving project culture. Under his guidance the facility successfully completed Contractor and DOE Operational Readiness Reviews and transitioned into hot operations.