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Nick Ceto

Nick Ceto

Mr. Nick Ceto has over 30 years of experience in various leadership positions in all aspects of environmental clean-up and waste management. This includes over a decade of specialized experience in radioactive waste management and cleanup, including 6 years managing EPA’s Hanford Project Office and 5 years with the Department of Energy and his own consulting firm. Prior to assuming his EPA management responsibilities for Hanford and other DOE cleanup sites Nick was the Regional Mining Coordinator for EPA Region 10 and had responsibility for mine site cleanup activities across the Pacific NW and nationally as Co-chair of the EPA National Mining Team.

Nick has worked in both the public and private sectors on hazardous and radioactive waste management, water quality standards and permitting, watershed restoration, and risk management and decision making. His experience includes work on environmental projects across the globe as well as the United States.

Nick has a B.S. in Environmental Studies and a M.S. in Natural Resources Planning, both from the University of Vermont.

Sustainable Results

iconMr. Ceto developed the DOE framework for obtaining the final CERCLA Records of Decision for the River Corridor project at the Hanford site from 2008 to 2011. Prior to that Nick was the EPA Program Manager for both Hanford and Idaho National Laboratory. Significant cleanup progress was made at both sites under his watch. Mr. Ceto also developed the design and implementation of the program for cleanup of over 2000 residential properties and thousands of acres contaminated land at a major Superfund site in the Pacific Northwest. This project was one of his many Superfund site management responsibilities with EPA Regions 4 and 10.

Nick’s extensive experience and outstanding communication skill has been a tremendous asset in bringing together private parties, federal, state and local governments, tribes and the public in a manner that builds partnerships to get the job done and protects human health and the environment in a fiscally responsible manner. This same experience has been used by Nick in his international work which includes environmental technical assistance and training to nearly a dozen foreign governments.

His work was recognized by both the State Department and EPA who honored Nick with an Environmental Justice Award, “In recognition of your outstanding accomplishments in promoting environmental justice on a global level”.