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Scott Davis

Scott Davis

iconMr. Davis brings a diverse work history of more than 37 years of engineering, construction, and maintenance experience in the commercial, industrial and nuclear industries. Non-nuclear experience includes installation of natural gas pipeline construction, commercial refrigeration, refrigeration, paper machine installation, fire systems installation and industrial and commercial ventilation system installation. Nuclear experience includes 100N reactor shutdown work, nuclear plant construction at the Fast Flux Test Facility, WMP-2, WNP-4, and Nine Mile point 2 (New York).

For the last 24 years, Mr. Davis worked at the Hanford Waste Encapsulation and Storage Facility (WESF) as a System Engineer, Design Authority, and Vital Safety Systems Engineer for the Radiation Systems, Ventilation Systems and HEPA Filter Systems with responsibilities in the liquid monitoring and waste systems, electrical systems, air compressor and dryer systems, chiller and cooling tower systems, chemical addition systems, hot cell systems, manipulator systems, fire systems, and all plant instrument systems. Upgrades were performed to replace aged systems in the past few years providing structural modifications for increasing ceiling live loads to allow for roofing replacement, chiller and cooling tower systems, heater replacement, instrument panel component updates. Work experience includes technical support to the facility to oversee performance of nuclear/radiological work, clean-up of radiological waste, and the establishment of appropriate safety basis, conduct of operations and engineering controls in a working plant environment, with integrated safety management approaches to embedding safety planning and controls into hazardous work activities.

Mr. Davis has a comprehensive understanding of the engineering, operational, environmental and safety requirements and practices in the DOE facilities. His experience in the nuclear industry has included challenges as part of the work team integrating safety planning into nuclear work planning.

Sustainable Results

iconMr. Davis has demonstrated performance in project management, design and engineering, change management, instrumentation and managing facility plant operational systems. Experienced in facility audits including the Facilities Evaluation Board (FEB) and the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB) and Washing State Department of Health (WDOH).

As the system engineer and design authority, Mr. Davis’ efforts to maintain, repair and upgrade the WESF Radiation Systems, Ventilation Systems and HEPA Filter Systems ensured safe storage of the 53 million curies of the 1936 cesium and strontium capsules in wet storage for the past 24 years.