William Davis

Proven Experience

William Davis

William Davis

iconMr. William Davis has 28 years of Navy and commercial nuclear experience. Mr. Davis served as a Navy Electronics Technician and Navy Reactor Operator aboard the USS Omaha (SSN 692) during his six year enlistment.

At Pacific Gas and Electric’s Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, he served as a plant Auxiliary Operator, NRC Licensed Reactor Operator, Clearance Coordinator (System Tag out), Quality Auditor, and Cause Analyst.

Sustainable Results

iconAs an Electronics Technician, Mr. Davis was responsible for the performance and scheduling of electronic maintenance and repair of a wide range of nuclear instruments. During the time he was Auxiliary Operator, he was responsible for the monitoring of all primary and secondary plant equipment. This included a wide range of equipment types as well as sampling and chemical analysis.

When he was a Naval and Commercial Nuclear Reactor Operator, he was tasked with safe operation of the reactor. This included startups, shutdowns, transient and emergency response. Mr. Davis has been trained and tested in prioritizing actions in emergency conditions. As a Clearance Coordinator, he ensured that equipment was removed from service and returned to service error free during times of fast-paced, high activity outages.

Mr. Davis performed audits on operations and training activities at Diablo Canyon and other commercial nuclear plants. His analysis work has been recognized as a strength by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations.