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Functional Areas Supported: 3.2, 3.6, 3.16, 3.17, 3.18
Contract Number: N00178-11-D-6433
Period of Performance: 7/18/2012 – 7/17/2015
Contract Type: CPFF – Cost Plus Fixed Fee    Prime or Sub:  Prime

Overview of Work Performed: Provide support of Engineering, logistics, computer engineering services, and training for NSWCCD Philadelphia. NSWCCD requires support for deployed systems such as TSIMS, TDKM, ICAS, and other installed systems supported by NSWCCD.

This program provides support as in-service engineering authority for HM&E shipboard systems, and is responsible for the technical content of PMS/CMP procedures for shipboard equipment. The contractor shall sketch and mark-up the space and system drawings as required to reflect new installations and associated configuration changes onboard ship as a result of equipment installations. The sketches will then be drafted in CAD.

The contractor will perform revisions to TSIMS software based on test results and user feedback. Contractor shall utilize software configuration management tools, software trouble tracking tools, and software testing tools to complete software development process. Software will be developed using development environment that will produce executable code that is compatible with shipboard software systems. Software Requirements Documents will be required to detail software changes and updates.

Validate the Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) Certification sheets, for each SHIPALT aligned to the ship’s hull (for the specific availability) for the following areas and revalidate all ILS Certification sheets as required

The contractor shall review Provisioning Parts Lists (PPL) submissions, conduct research to confirm the validity of the information received, and resolve the discrepancies or deficiencies by developing and submitting modifications to PPLs in order to develop Allowance Parts Lists (APLs) for shipboard equipment in support of new construction and overhaul programs.

The contractor shall provide various areas of logistics and training support performed by technical support personnel such as Technical Experts such as Training Specialists, Logisticians, Instructors, etc. The contractor will provide Training Logistics support as required to support NSWCCD-SSES Philadelphia. Logistics support will include auditing of training courses, training manuals and training aids, inventory and storage of TTE, as well as metrics support to measure effectiveness of training.

Relevance to Seaport-e: Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support, Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support, Logistics Support, Supply and Provisioning Support, and Training Support